Thursday, 18 August 2016

Halloween costumes ideas

Halloween costume ideas that you tend to choose, it can reveal, unwittingly, deep, even unsuspected traits of your personality. The Department of Agriculture Dr. Wendy James, Ph.D. in psychology, mental health, and organizational psychology. Here's what they say about people who dressed some of the most popular Halloween costumes:

A celebrity costume

Sociable people have the inclination to dress like a celebrity, film personality, art, or music because in this way guarantee that they will attract the most attention to them. Like them, some women about attracting glances at any price they choose low-cut outfits or sexy.
The costumes of monsters, vampires or wizards

Despite appearances, who chooses to portray Halloween or a costume party in a costume horror, monster, zombie, vampire, witch, ghost, mutant does not want, most often be in the spotlight or not necessary to attract attention in social life.

Costumes inspired by the cartoons (Disney)

Such disguises are viewed with sympathy and amusement of everyone, from large ones to small ones. Precisely for this reason, who prefer costume of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or Snow White is usually a person kind, which has the urge them to please those around and do not arise too big buzz around.

The costumes of superheroes

People who have the predisposition to dress as Superman, Spiderman, Batman, are characterized by a warm heart, know how to distinguish them good from the bad, and are crossed by the urge to help others.

Original costumes

If glimpse, during Halloween, a costume original, extraordinarily beautiful, that you no longer can detach eyes, there is a high probability that it belongs to a type A personality, a person very creative, who worked may and long to put it in place.

People who choose not to wear any costume to celebrate Halloween or a costume party have no contact with the child inside them or are considered too mature to "lend" to it.

It seems like a pagan vacation by events, nonetheless was accepted by the church. We tend to get it from the Americans. Nonetheless, its roots are European. It concerns the story of the night of day.

Halloween may be a vacation celebrated or Halloween the night of Gregorian calendar month thirty-first. The term day is brief for All-hallow-even, that is currently referred to as All Saints' Day.